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If you are reading this you have been supportive of my efforts. You also know I’ve been working on an internet based discipleship course called “3 Steps to Wholeness”.
Here’s the news, the beta launch to friends and family is going on right now.

If you didn’t get your invitation to opt-in for the emails that proceed the course it’s because I didn’t have your address. I don’t want to spam anybody, so to get the emails you need to go to this page…


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The purpose is to get the bugs worked out before I go public with the course.

So go ahead. Opt-in and you’ll immediately get a free PDF called, “Get Your Prayers Heard”. (By yours truly)

I really look forward to hearing what you think.

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Are you a convert, or a disciple?


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There’s a big difference between a “mere” convert and a disciple.

I should first say that there is no condemnation, or even condescension, meant by what follows.

This important distinction came alive for me by reading, DiscipleShift , a book by Robert Coleman.

You might want to get a hard copy, but I used the Audible version. Here’s my brief summary of this point.

A convert has changed his mind to accept Jesus as his personal savior. Sadly, that’s often as far as it goes. Mental ascent is only the start to having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

I was there for a long time. Perhaps because the path to my conversion was primarily by logic and reason. I simply could no longer resist the preponderance of evidence.

The often quoted bit of “Christian-speak” we hear is that the longest trip is from your head to your heart. Certainly was true for me. I stayed stuck for about 20 years.

The shift from being a Christian by way of conversion only, to discipleship is huge.

Think of a disciple as one who has seen fit to submit his own will for that of the Lord. Think of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Remember Paul saying without love, we are only clanging symbols.

Love starts with a decision, but grows into an attitude of heart. The life your were meant to enjoy in Christ can not be had through mere mental ascent.

Breaking through does not have to take decades. If you feel stuck in a place that is less than the full privilege of being an heir to Christ, please contact me.

I’ve discovered how to help people get unstuck in just 9 weeks.

Feel free to call me at 518-232-0861.
Or email me at psilvaslm@gmail.com.

We’ll have a chat about where you want to grow to become, and how to get there.

Murder and Riots

What follows is not a political position statement. Ready for a completely different perspective of current events?

Obviously, no right-minded person is happy about what is going on right now.

The different perspective I bring is that it highlights how people react. It got me thinking about people who take an event like this from the mindset of “an activist”.

I don’t mean rioters, but people who want to help the situation. It highlights something I learned from a book called “Sacred Pathways”, by Gary Thomas.

The premise is that there are more ways to worship than just in church. Some folks are predisposed to serve Christ by addressing social injustice. Those who are moved to take action by helping, not adding to the problem, are to be commended.

Just remember the example we are given by Jesus is motivated by love, not hate.

Remember Praying for Revival?

Depending on where you went to church, you may remember when praying for Revival was commonplace.

If you are a church history buff, you know about some revivals that were awesome. It seems they all had one thing in common. They started with a small group of people praying fervently.

If this topic is unfamiliar, just google it. Or look up Azusa Street.

Today’s post asks a different question…

“Do you desire a “personal revival?”

A symptom may be just a feeling that your walk with Christ isn’t what you remember it was like at first.

Personal revivals also start with prayer.

I’ve produced an easy to consume slide deck called, Getting your prayers heard. It is free for the asking. Just let me know where to send it by asking in comments.

God bless, and look forward to a closer, more vibrant relationship with Christ.

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Want to leave me a voicemail?

If I want to leave somebody a message, I don’t want to fill in a form. I want to leave a voicemail. Call me old school, it’s just easier.

My last post mentioned I found a piece of software to make it easier for people to contact me. I was challenged by having to embed the code. Finally gave in and hired help.

Victory! (Well partially) It is up and running, but only on my web-pages. Even the pro couldn’t get it on my email. The 3 Steps to Wholeness pages all have it.

If you follow this blog, you probably have the various pages. Maybe you should follow this blog?

Many of you will be getting a “Launch” announcement soon for the #3 Steps to Wholeness” discipleship course.

Have a Question or Comment?

I just found some software that lets people leave a voicemail on a website.

Don’t you just hate having to fill in a form, then hope somebody gets back to you? So keep an eye out for a button on this site.

I’m trying to embed the code now. But that is certainly not my strong suit.

Hope to hear from you.

Me, a Hypocrite?

Please forgive me.
I’ve been negligent about posting consistently.
This came to mind, embarrassingly, when I suggested to a colleague that they should post to their LinkedIn account more consistently.
I was instantly convicted in my heart of being guilty of the same oversight.
The virtual summit, called “The Christian Growth Symposium” that I am hosting got technically challenging enough to take my eye off the ball on this blog.
All I can do is promise to do better.

God is THE Source

God is our source, everything else is a resource.

(Dr. K. Shelette Stewart Convenenow.com/podcast)

My father, myself and both my kids are researchers. Before you can research somebody else’s work, there must have been someone who first did the search for that new data.

Just as there is search and research, there is SOURCE and then resource. People and businesses worldwide are looking for more resources. But let’s not forget to look first to the Original Source, God.

To help you accept that premise, I’ll refer to a scripture.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

James 1:17

So when you are trying to identify your calling, and pursue a life of purpose, doesn’t it make sense to start with the original source?

Motivational Gifts are Different than Spiritual Gifts



I hope this clarifies a point of confusion…

We say we want to do the will of God. But often we are unsure of what that is for our lives.  

A useful guide is to be found in 1 Cor. 12:11

“But one and the same spirit is active in all these types, distributing to each as He wills.” 

This verse appears right after the listing of the spiritual gifts. I have observed that there is a great deal of confusion regarding the differences between the spiritual gifts and the motivational gifts. I hope to clarify this issue in this post. 

In the above scripture reference I would encourage you to take note of the word “Distributed.” 

Remember that this verse refers to the spiritual gifts. The distribution of these gifts are specific to the set of circumstances. Our God, the Great Orchestrator, knows what is needed and when. 

So, part of the answer to what should I do with my life has to do with being willing to receive and operate the spiritual gifts.

But we are not constantly given an unction, or desire to act in this way, are we? 

The key to understanding the difference between the Spiritual Gifts and the Motivational gifts lies in knowing that the Motivational Gifts are a permanent part of your design. This is evidenced by the segue between the spiritual and the motivational to be found in 1 Cr. 12:18

“But now God has placed in each one of the parts in one body just as He wanted.”  

The analogy to body parts follows. An eye and an ear have separate functions, which stay consistent to their design. That is true of the motivational gifts. Since you are designed to perform a distinct function within the body, operating your motivational gift is automatically doing the will of God. (And you will find it is easier than doing whatever else you might think is the thing to do.)

So, to summarize, we have 2 guides as to what to do with our lives. When in the situation where you are called to do something that is specific to the time and place, or the person you are intended to impact, operating the appropriate gift of the spirit is called for. (The timeliness of the need is why it is so important to act on the calling immediately. As someone must has said, deferred obedience is disobedience.) 

But what to do with the rest of your life? 

Operating your motivational gift is how you fill in those gaps, staying in the will of God by so doing. 

If you are not familiar with what the Spiritual and Motivational Gifts are, see the next post.