You may not consciously think about this topic very often. It is so much easier to just coast from day to day doing whatever is put before you. I’m not saying this is your fault alone.

We all live in a culture that is constantly bombarded with entertainment choices. Let’s not go on a rant about hours wasted in front of a television, but we could. When I first discovered the church I attend the culture there was very legalistic. All TV was considered evil. We have grown away from that.

I personally feel the place for mindless entertainment is when I have no mental energy left, and just need to “veg-out”. Still it is tempting to watch things that the hollywood agenda would have us accept as normal.

The important things you do with your life happen before you get exhausted. So let’s focus on what you chose to DO. Doing is different than merely thinking about doing. We tend to judge ourselves by our intentions, while judging others by their actions.

A whole lot less gets done than gets intended.

I don’t mean to sound like a motivational speaker, but let’s look at how to get from “I meant to do” to “I did.” It takes a good reason for us to get off our butts. Let’s face it, it is just plain easier to not do than to do.

The really active Christians that I know are not motivated by what they “ought” to do. They are motivated by actually wanting to do what God intends for them to do, in order to please him.

Remember the last time you did something just because you knew a loved one would by delighted by it?  It didn’t feel like an obligation, or drudgery did it?

Now imagine living a life where that is the norm instead of an occasional occurence. A pleasant prospect, no?

Delighting God can be much more fulfilling when we are not focused on what we are not supposed to do. It’s hard to maintain a joyful existence when all you do is try not to transgress.

To truly delight God we want to do more than just live righteously. Pleasing Him by fulfilling His intentions for our lives is the better goal.

Of course, this requires the belief that He is involved in our lives. He has a plan for each and every one of us. So the key is discovering what He created us to do.

Once you have discovered His plan for you, living it out becomes much easier.

So how do I discover my “Destiny”?

I better define the way I use the word destiny. It is not a path you will be lead down whether you like it or not. I do not mean predestined, with no power of choice.

Destiny is better thought of as where God wants you to end up even after you’ve made all your choices. It is with HIM, as the final and eternal destination. What we do in the meantime is what I’m talking about.

Exploring the possibilities of what God intends your life to look like can be overwhelming. But there is a fairly simple solution. Once you know what talents God has built into you, it will be much easier to spend more time using them.

We all have abilities that come easier to us than others. The business world has an expression they use in Human Resource discussions. Building an effective organization involves two steps. Getting the right people on the bus. Then getting them in the right seats.

Being in the right seat means you are doing those things that come easier to you because God gave you a talent in that direction. Much of the misery in our world is suffered by those those who’ve been taught that they need to focus on strengthening their weaknesses.

In another post I’ll introduce the concept of finding out what you were built to do. For now, just know that these gifts exist, and they are worth pursuing.

As always, comments are welcomed and appreciated.