OK, so this is a pretty basic post. But I’m hoping you’ll see past that, and pause to consider this idea for yourself. (Excuse the pun.)

I recently read that if you polled a thousand contemporary Christians on “What is the greatest virtue in Christianity?”, the answer you would most often get is “Selflessness.”

The writer said that the same question asked of 1st century Christians would get the answer “Love.” (Sorry I can’t remember who said it.)

His impression was that something had gone terribly wrong in the intervening 20 centuries. My focus is on something different.

The name of this blog is Give 1st. Which begs the question, “What do I have to give?”

Having studied the motivational gifts, which are what make your “Self” unique in terms of purpose leads me to this…

Give of Your SELF first

Your “self” is what is unique about you. No other person, either now, or at any time in history, has the same combination of gifts and personal history that you do. In years of coaching on this topic I’ve come to appreciate the strong connection between WHO you are, and God’s intended purpose for creating you as an individual.

Perhaps you’ve experienced being able to give to someone something that no one else was uniquely equipped to provide. (I hope so, it is such a blessing.)

Giving is not so much about money as it is about pouring your life into fulfilling God’s intended purpose and role in your life.

And remember…

“Much will be required of everyone who has been given much. And even more will be expected of the one who has been entrusted with more.”        (HCSB)

In case you don’;t think you have been entrusted with much, let me say this. My experience in working with the motivational gifts with others has taught me something. Learning about your gifts clues you in to how much you have been given, and have available to work with.