The title of this post is from Oscar Wilde. He’s not often quoted in places like this blog, for various reasons. But it seems to me a good starting point for something more valuable.

The quote is the definition of a “cynic”. But it is not cynicism I wish to address. This is for people you can recognize the value of things. The issue at hand is more than mere value vs. non-value. It is about the relative value of things.

Some things have more value than others. I’m not talking about the relativism that denies absolute truth.

It might be clearer if I use the term appreciation of value than mere observance of its’ existence. It is how much we appreciate things of true value that counts.

In a confused world where it is easy to observe more tragic circumstances than happy outcomes, the amount we appreciate the good things becomes tantamount.

Every day I encounter people who are unconsciously keeping score of good versus bad. They are discouraged by their tally. That is unfortunate, and not necessary.

So much is dependent upon perspective. We must learn to get past the impression that the good is “out-numbered” by the bad. That is what I’ll call quantitative thinking.

The attitude of gratitude that is often praised is more like qualitative perception.

Perhaps a real life example would help. I recently had the experience of my wife saying something to me that affirmed my worth. It was more than just a pleasurable moment. It held for me so much value, (Quality of Value), that it had the power to “out-number” who knows how many negative things. (Please note that very few of those negatives it out weighed came from her.)

My point is one of valuation. How much value do you place on the good, edifying moments in your life?

Back to the quote in the title… Knowing the value of things. When God lets you know you are in His will, that can obliterate many of the attacks against you. If you place a high enough value on it, a moment of feeling the sun warm your skin can make a year’s worth of physical discomfort disappear.