I don’t mean to turn this blog into a diary. But this example of giving is too great to go unacknowledged.

In a previous post I mentioned having received a liver transplant that saved my life back in 1996. All the following years I have been on immunosuppressant drugs to keep my body from rejecting the “foreign” tissue. For many patients these are tough on the kidneys. After 20 years of extended life, my kidneys succumbed to that stress and failed.

I have been on hemo-dialysis for about 2 years. During this time I have been on the transplant waiting list again. The waiting time averages 5-6 years. Thousands of people every year die while on the list. The need is so much greater than the list of registered donors.

This week I was informed that a friend has offered to do a living donation. I have to thank all the previous people who had offered but couldn’t pass the medical requirements. (They are very careful at the transplant center to not endanger the health of a donor.)

But this man is healthy enough to qualify. Glory to God!

I mention it in blog not just to thank him, but to discuss giving and being blessed. Let’s face it, this is not something most people would do. But one thing that I’ve learned from watching people give over the years, is that they are blessed.

I believe this man will be blessed in many mighty ways. You don’t give give just to get. But if you are open to receiving the blessings of God, the more sacrificial the gift, the more God takes notice that you are living with a loving heart. He loves that.