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There’s a big difference between a “mere” convert and a disciple.

I should first say that there is no condemnation, or even condescension, meant by what follows.

This important distinction came alive for me by reading, DiscipleShift , a book by Robert Coleman.

You might want to get a hard copy, but I used the Audible version. Here’s my brief summary of this point.

A convert has changed his mind to accept Jesus as his personal savior. Sadly, that’s often as far as it goes. Mental ascent is only the start to having an intimate relationship with Jesus.

I was there for a long time. Perhaps because the path to my conversion was primarily by logic and reason. I simply could no longer resist the preponderance of evidence.

The often quoted bit of “Christian-speak” we hear is that the longest trip is from your head to your heart. Certainly was true for me. I stayed stuck for about 20 years.

The shift from being a Christian by way of conversion only, to discipleship is huge.

Think of a disciple as one who has seen fit to submit his own will for that of the Lord. Think of Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane. Remember Paul saying without love, we are only clanging symbols.

Love starts with a decision, but grows into an attitude of heart. The life your were meant to enjoy in Christ can not be had through mere mental ascent.

Breaking through does not have to take decades. If you feel stuck in a place that is less than the full privilege of being an heir to Christ, please contact me.

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