Have you noticed all the social media noise about personal pronouns? You know, the way people prefer to be referred to?

Well, this post is NOT about that!

I was listening to a podcast earlier today that gave me a new way of seeing something more simply. (Who, me?)

You or Them or Us describes the three ways a service can be delivered.

Either YOU do everything yourself, as in training that shows you how something is done, and stops there. This leaves you having to master all sorts of skills that you aren’t talented to do.

Or you let THEM do it all. (Called “Done for You” services.)

It sure would be nice to have a clean desk, so you could just do what you are best at. But the cost may be prohibitive. Especially if you are new to your venture.

The third option is referred to in the internet business as a “hybrid” service.

A Hybrid service is one where you collaborate with the expert, to meet your objectives, without doing all the work that he/she is better at than you are.

Think of the hybrid delivery method as a collaboration. No one can do the part of your mission that you are gifted to do better than you. But I’ve learned by trying to do everything myself, that there are many things I don’t do as well as others can do them.

So it looks more like this:

With the collaborative approach, you get some other very valuable advantages.


The biggest drawback to the do-it-all-yourself approach is lack of accountability.

Think of all the projects you’ve started but have run into an obstacle. The natural reaction is to change your focus to something where you can see more immediate progress.


Having an outside perspective will help you see what needs doing next, and help you be target focused.


Having someone edify your efforts makes goal achievement much more likely.

(And more fun.)

So, whatever it is that you are called to do, get some help.

You may not need MY help, depending on what it is you are trying to do. But no matter what that calling may be, some level of delegation will accelerate your accomplishment.