What is “Give 1st”?

Our mission at Give 1st is to fundamentally transform the lives of all those who choose to embrace the concept of giving before getting. Examining the life changing benefits of living an “others-directed” lifestyle will bring experiences that prove the wisdom of this simple decision.

As simple a choice as it appears to be, it is more challenging to be consistent in the practice of the lifestyle than just randomly participating. To really get all the Give 1st life has to offer, it takes a commitment to go well beyond the “practice random acts of kindness” mentally.

We are born selfish. Overcoming that tendency is not for the faint of heart. As counter intuitive as it sounds, there must be some reason that both the ancient and current wisdom literature (in both the secular and the spiritual arenas) frequently refer to it as an essential part of life.

Where the Give 1st approach to life differs from the commonly accepted head-nod toward charitable deeds is in its centrality to a cohesive worldview. Rather than being a part of life, it is better seen as the source of significance in life. It is a matter of being the starting point for the motivation of all of life’s decisions and actions. Making the other person the priority in every interaction may sound impossible.

At Give 1st, our understanding is that it is not only possible, but necessary in order to live a life of true significance. Of course we also recognize that none of us will be perfect in this pursuit.

The resources we will make available in this blog will all lend themselves to understanding, then practicing this way of living. Part of the discovery is getting past the “give to get” limitation. This is an essential distinction. Being motivated by the rewards actually diminishes them drastically.

You are invited to both participate in learning, and contributing to the content of this blog. We welcome your comments and input. Let us know any way you find it convenient. We pledge to respond as rapidly as we can to every communication we receive.

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